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Why is ensured Privacy so essential?

For sure you have already heard of following argument:
"I have nothing to hide as I do nothing illegal."
However most people who say this are not aware that the definition of privacy goes a lot deeper:

Your data is stored somewhere else out of your control.

You rely on others to use and store your data responsibly.
Sometimes you don't know what your data is being used for and sometimes it's not even up to the company itself if it has been hacked. 

Your data can be sold, hacked and leaked.

Data is a very valuable asset. It can be sold to either trustworthy companies or less trustworthy companies. You could end up with a lot of spam or scam in your mailboxes.

They gather more information than you would want them to.

Who ever reads all those hundred pages of AGBs and legal papers for each service?
If you would you might be shocked about what is sometimes going on behind the scenes.

Leaks of your privacy within private space.

What you do when nobody is around is also considered your privacy and if you think about it there are several reasons why you want to keep it like that.

Good Guidelines for your Data

Below we have some of the most powerful tips to help you keeping your data safe.

Educate yourself about your rights, the importance of privacy and have some basic knowledge about the technology you use.

Knowing your stuff makes it harder for others to scam you.
Not only that, it is also the best way to keep your stuff safe.
Sometimes knowing that you don't know something is the first step to trigger the correct actions and prevention.

Underlying you should know that you and your rights matter and that defending it if needed is often the right thing to do.
Concerning Privacy you should have at least thought once about the consequences that a leak or hack of your data can have for you.

Awareness and basic knowledge automatically makes you and your decisions wiser regarding all technological stuff.
Which is why we push this topic so much here at PlainTap and within our products.

Data can always be hacked and leaked. Even best security standards can still have flaws as nothing will ever be perfect.

Usually it's best to consider all data you put out onto the web, to be leaked sooner or later.
Thinking like this makes you automatically more aware about sensitive data that you want to keep private.

At PlainTap we ensure Privacy by Design as we naturally limit data collection to a minimum.
The less we store the less can be hacked and leaked.

For online purchases and alike it is good to:

- not use the same passwords for several accounts
yes - you're right that's not always convenient. You can however use a password manager program to help you remember. But know to chose carefully and to keep the collection safe or someone else has an easy time when stealing all your accounts, revoking your access and potentially bringing you in jail.

- have a backup email that does not contain your real personal data and can be used to register at less serious services with a higher chance to have your data breached or leaked.
A second E-Mail can also prevent your important primary mail address from receiving tons of spam or scam mails.

- use safe payment providers: there exist several services online that save your credit card data and other data by handing out fake but working data that links to your real stuff which is kept safely behind the scenes.

Use Antivirus and other software to save time and stress.

No one can put a major part of his time into making sure that you and  your data is safe.

That's why security solutions and antivirus exists.
You pay a small fine for which a good antivirus software tool keeps itself up to date to protect you against the newest threads.

Security is always dependent on time.
The time slot between noticing a security bug and the time it takes to become known officially may be used for criminal activity that sometimes can also bypass paid security solutions.
Hacking solutions like the controversial Spyware Pegasus from Israel has its whole business concept focused on such publicly unknown bugs.
But even if a problem that allows for compromising a system is known to the public.

there are still two issues left:
- the time a software provider needs to process a fix.
- the time users need: to know about the new update and to install it on their system.

The best thing you can do is to subscribe to security services and solutions to both get notified right away if there's an issue with your data and to be protected when malware comes along your way.


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  1. Know the role and importance of your privacy and that you want to keep sensitive data or information private.
  2. Use further techniques to personally ensure your privacy (for both your finance and identity)
  3. Keep your systems up to date and use security software solutions
  4. AIM FOR PREVENTION FIRST as consequences are outside of your control.


Things that had insane impact and make clear why privacy is important.

Cambridge Analytica
- 2015

Accessed data from over 87.000.000 Facebook users and used it for political influence.
Gathered Data since 2014.

- May/Oct 2021

Since 2016 SMS messages from nearly all providers of the world had been open to read.
They do not notify users and do not state loudly that they have been hacked.

- Sep 2021

Facebook lets real humans read your WhatsApp Messages.
That even on a regular basis, randomly.

PlainTaps' Advice: Use the App "Signal"




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